Fresh Catnip Leaf And Bud


Our course cut catnip is a special mix that we have put together ourselves. The catnip herb is sourced from expert growers located in Canada and the United States Our catnip herb originate from expert growers located in Canada and the United States, where the climate is perfect for growing the plant for a consistent premium quality product. The soil is closely monitored, and plant growth checked constantly to produce the highest standards possible.

The benefits are

  • Strong varieties of catnip
  • This year's latest harvests
  • Pure Catnip with nothing else added
  • Genuine unspoilt Catnip
  • Contented and happy cat's
  • Our product produces feline bliss

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  • Catnip is famous for its drug-like effect on domestic cats,

Fresh Catnip Leaf And Bud

I received a supply of catnip in the mail recently. I tossed it in with the rest of the mail on the coffee table and walked upstairs to change. When I returned downstairs to get a glass of water, I found disaster in the living room. The catnip package had been ripped to shreds, and the catnip was strewn around the floor. The offenders were rolling around in the catnip with giant cat grins on their whiskered faces, too dizzy and bewildered to know whether to run away or blame the dog. I couldn't help but chuckle and giggle when it appeared as a catnip bomb had erupted. I had to think about catnip when I was cleaning up the mess. What type of plant is it, and why does it terrify cats?

but it has a variety of other uses.
The extracted ingredient, iridodial, is used as an attractant for lacewings,
which eat aphids and mites. Another ingredient, nepetalactone, is used
in certain mosquito and fly repellents. People also drank catnip in
herbal tea and would smoke the herb because of its sedative effect,
but the effects are negligible, and consumption has fallen out of practice.


While humans may find dried Nepeta cataria leaves to be
effective when taken as an infusion, to their pet felines,
Catnip Leaf is in fact not a medicinal herb but a narcotic.

Felines have a sense of smell that is far more developed
than that of humans – by a magnitude of several million.

In fact, it has been suggested that felines perceive the scent
in the same way that humans perceive colour.
Just as certain wildcrafted herbs can cause humans to have
visual hallucinations so too do catnip leaf causes your
tabby to experience olfactory hallucinations – which, if
the typical cat response is any indication,
are highly pleasurable, but ultimately harmless.

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