Organic Catnip 2020 Freshly Harvested Crop


Freshly harvested from our trusted farmers who have produced one of the finest Organic catnip herbs on the market today

This year's latest fresh crop and a very potent catnip


  • This year's crop
  • Very fresh
  • Organic
  • Ideal for toy making
  • Cats love it

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Our new addition Organic Catnip has just arrived.

Freshly harvested 2020 Crop

Nepeta cataria

Organic Catnip 2020 Freshly Harvested Crop. Catnip is a member of the mint family, which has an unmistakable and peculiar fragrance,
which is known as Katzenhoch. But apparently, not all cats worship it and
Kittens don't usually like it.

The acquired taste develops only when the kittens are at least 2-3 months old.
The bliss of one cat is the enemy of another rat – rats apparently detest catnip and do not want to go near it,
what you should keep in mind when designing your garden.

Catnip oil

Is also considered to be an extremely effective insect repellent.

Catnip tops are edible and in small quantities can add an unusual touch to your salads.

Long before Darjeeling or Assam sent us their tea leaves to brew our cups, farmers used
Catnip leaves for the same purpose.

According to an old story, the root is said to conjure up the courage.

Once upon a time, there was a particularly gentle executioner who apparently completely missed his calling, because he could never summon the courage or anger to the deadly cord so that he did not swallow some catnip root first.

Calming Effects

Traditionally Catnip is an excellent diaphoretic that opens the pores without overheating the system, which very helpful in the treatment of fever. It is also helpful in treating stomach pain or colic.

It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, especially in cases of insomnia, restlessness or hysteria.
It is a good remedy for children and has been used to relieve the effects of hyperactivity. and attention deficit syndrome.

It is interesting to note that the ancient herbalists also recommend it as a gynaecological remedy.
herb to ‘advance their courses'.

An excellent herb to get in contact with your cat-like confidants or as an offering for Bast,
the Egyptian cat goddess. Can be used to centre the mind and summon courage.

Can be helpful in performing astral plane battles, shape changes and shamanic journeys. Some report a euphoric effect of smoking the leaves. In former times it was used in counter-magic.

If a witch had stolen the milk of a cow, a little catnip and the right spell could restore her flow.

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