6 Small Cat Breeds

No one can resist the big eyes and playful personality of an adorable kitten. They melt the hearts of anyone they come into contact with and are always guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. Sadly, the kitten period never lasts for long and while our adult cats are just as wonderful and cute, we often find ourselves missing the good old kitten days. If you want a teacup cat that stays small and playful forever, there are certain small cat breeds that keep their kitten-like appearance and attitude far into their adult years, so you can treasure the precious playful moments for longer.

It’s quite hard to define specific small cat breeds, as even the larger breeds will sometimes have the odd small kitty, but there are some which are naturally smaller in stature. Here are our top 6 teacup cats that will always stay petite.


What Breed Is My Cat?

Known as one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, the Singapura is half the size of the average cat. Possessing a kitten size throughout their lives, their bodies are petite and delicate and they usually don’t weigh more than 5 pounds (yep, you heard that right!). But don’t let their tiny stature fool you, Singapura cats are incredibly agile and make fantastic climbers! plus, they’re the perfect companion if you want a cuddly kitty, as they love nothing more than snuggling on your lap and having a good pet.

Named after the magical folk in the wizard of oz, the munchkin is possibly one of the most famous small cat breeds. Their tiny size is due to a gene mutation that means that they have little dumpy legs that are much shorter than normal. While their bodies are only slightly smaller than average, their shoulders are very low to the ground, which is why they have such an adorable pottering gait.

How to Tell What Breed My Cat Is

These small cat breeds may not be able to jump as high or far as the average cat, but they’re very fast and active, so be prepared for plenty of kitten-like good fun in your home. Fun fact: the shortest ever munchkin was only 5. 25 inches from paw to shoulder!.

The American curl comes in a wide range of sizes due to its diverse gene pool, however, most tend to be quite petite. Their most famous characteristic is their ears which curl back toward the base of their skull, hence the name. Because of the curl to their ears, they require a little extra cleaning than other cats, but other than that they’re a pretty low maintenance breed. This teacup cat breed is perfect if you want an affectionate cat as they have people loving personalities and incredibly playful attitudes, making them ideal for families.

“Common” Cat Coat Colors and Eye Colors

These cats have double-coated fur and are of varying temperaments. Their eye colours, coat colours, and coat patterns vary greatly.

Tortoiseshell cats or “torties” are generally characterized by two distinct colours: red and black and are diluted with reds (orange), creams, black, blues (greys), pale greys, and brown. Some coat patterns include patches and brindle. They are almost always female; males are generally rare and sterile. Fun fact: in Irish and Scottish culture, tortoiseshell cats bring good luck. Common colourations include the classic tortie (red or orange, black, and cream), the dilute tortie, lilac tortie, and chocolate tortie (or brown tortie).

Fine Cut catnip

Fine Cut Catnip

Cat Identification by Coat Color and Pattern

The first and most identifiable characteristic of a cat is its fur or coat colour, pattern, and length. Let's start by classifying fur length. If your cat is a mixed-breed, your vet will likely consider them to be one of the following.

Pedigreed cats are roughly divided by experts into two groups that are distinguished by body type and activity level: oriental and non-oriental. The breeds in the first group, the oriental, are notable for their long, sleek bodies and active participation in the world around them. They’re not happy unless they’re supervising dinner, climbing to the top of the bookshelf, teasing that dopey dog, or seeing what every member of the household is up to. The way these cats see the world, you’re not capable of running your own life without their help. Cats in this group, such as the Siamese, and Abyssinian, are often touted as being more intelligent and trainable, as well as the oriental shorthair, basically a Siamese coat but with a broader range of coat patterns and colours.



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